Goodness knows we are all spending an unprecedented amount of time at home this year.
We have been peeling off the calendar sheets—of days, weeks, and months on end—while time seems to have stopped in many ways, parents everywhere are running on overdrive keeping our little ones engaged and amused.
If you’re anything like us, some spaces in your home may have become unrecognizable as you’ve adjusted to the “new normal” at home.
With this in mind, we have pulled together a kids room makeover wish list; choosing from some of our favorite designs, local businesses, and DIY ideas to revamp your kids’ rooms and create a space full of magic!
Come, jump in!
  • For The Playtime
  • Storage & organisation
  • For Their Learning Corner
  • Room Decors (A DIY Room Decor included!)
  • Beds and Bedding
For The Playtime
We know playtime is number one on our kids’ to-do list, so we have made it number one on ours too! And we love nothing more than finding playthings that will activate their creativity and wit.
Dear Shepherd’s Tinker Box accurately defines the fun of playtime and learning at the same time!
We love this piece and are confident your little ones will be bursting as they mix wooden beads and tiles and learn numbers or letters with their 8x8x2” box made with recycled wood!
The Tinker Box is recommended for kids aged three and up though your help will warmly add to the fun.
Another play-based learning and makeover must-have is our Wonder Cart, which is best for physical development and for their social and emotional development.
The Wonder Cart helps develop your kids’ motor skills with its removable hood and its wheel-function—encouraging them to go around the room and play imaginatively through role-play with their plush doll friends. It’s proudly handwoven locally, making a great contribution to children’s basketry.
Finally, we love this cotton cloth set! Let your kids play with colors and let them tell their fanciful stories through Seed Studio Toys’ Cotton Cloth Set.
Whether they play as a superhero with a cape, make a river or a tent, this six-colored cloth set is perfect for playtime!
The play cloths are 100% cotton. It is made with non-toxic fabric dye. Plus four wooden play clips best for expanding more of their stories in mind!
Storage and Organization
After the play, we pack away! But unless you’re Mary Poppins helping your kids keep their rooms clutter-free is no easy feat.
We love Contempo Designs' Recycled Palette Wood Shelving. It is made sturdy with recycled wood; it displays and shelves the best stuff your little one loves.
This Palette Wood Shelf matches perfectly with our Treehouse Dreamer. A storage and a bunk bed tandem for a super tidy ambiance!
Second, we don’t think you can go past our very own Treasure Keeper for style or functionality. You and your kids will be surprised at how much treasure these babies can hold!
It’s an eco-friendly and locally-sourced basket with a sprinkle of fashion and functionality in it.
So whether you're organizing the kids' room or tidying up the laundry space, the Treasure Keeper is a treat. Exceptional furniture basketry fit for every corner of the house!
For Their Learning Corner
If two words could define parenting in 2020 they are Remote Learning.
As parents are learning to be teachers we know that creating a space for calm focus and study is more important than ever before. That is why we love Incy Rooms' Study Table Set and M Bookshelf.
Their front-facing M Bookshelf is a Montessori-inspired round-edged bookshelf that is made from locally-sourced sustainable wood, matches perfectly their Study Table Set.
These two are a 10/10 in our learning space recommendation, they ooze calm and confidence by the bucket load, and like all the products on our wish list, these pieces are proudly produced in the Philippines.
Room Decors
Your room makeover will never be complete without some room decor additions to bring out your kids’ style and personality.
Starting with some wall accents, adding some wall art pieces gives a touch of texture in the room. Some examples of these are patterned mirrors and macramé.
We are in love with Simple Sentiments' locally-knotted macramés which seem to ooze calm.
Their macramés can be customized and they also sell knotting supplies like cords and cotton ropes for a warm DIY time together with the kids and personalized level room upgrade!
Speaking of DIY, we love displaying our kids artwork, and this hack really ups the ante! Spruce up your little one's room and celebrate their creativity with an Art Display Box. Bring out your art materials and that powerful creative parent inside you!
Using some IKEA materials (or improvised ones), a glue gun, utility knife, drill, and some screws for hanging, you’re motivating your little ones to dive deeper on the creative side. So, you don’t have to worry about which of their beautiful artworks will say bye-bye because you get to cherish those using this DIY!
Another perfect room decor idea is through adding up some indoor plants!
Fun animal planters from Fig and Vine is a room decor must-have! From owl planters, dog planters, or even elephant planters—their animal planter variations give that indoor jungle vibe inside your kid's room!
Plants not only serve as room decors but they give health benefits as well—they're mood-boosting and they absorb air toxins around the room while cleaning and caring for them can fill your kids with pride and a sense of accomplishment. A worthwhile and healthy room add-on it is!
Let’s embrace learning through play and enjoy a healthy environment with these local room makeover must-haves!
Pssst - We are working on some planters of our very own, so make sure you’re following us @beyonfunctionph to not miss the release.
Beds and Bedding
Finally, the most essential element of any bedroom is the bed! A bed can be more than a place to sleep; it can be a magical place that kids will be bursting to get into as well!
Our Treehouse Dreamer is designed with this in mind. It is perfect for the kids' weekend slumber party or cuddle time with mom and dad. The top bunk holds a standard single mattress and the bottom can accommodate a single or a queen!
We have a number of variations available, including ladders and staircases—whatever floats your imagination’s boat!
If you’re after a minimalist approach, you can't go past our Montessori toddler bed: The Stargazer.
Its mahogany-handcrafted bed frame brings beauty and an ethereal feel into your little one's room—creating a spark in their flowing imagination! This bed makes the shift from cot, to ‘big kid bed’ a delight.
Finally, we know that room makeovers can be exhausting and you will need to recharge your parent batteries.
Our award winning Haleiwa chair is here for those rare and magical moments of ‘me’ time. Relax in our masterfully handwoven statement chair while you sip a cuppa tea and admire your makeover handiwork!
We hope our wish list has given you a spark of inspiration, happy makeover-ing!