Easter is almost here and we can’t wait! The excitement, the hunt, the chocolate… But trying to get through the Easter break without your kids bouncing off the walls on an epic 4 day sugar high is no joke.
So like a lot of you out there, I have sat down for my annual ‘sugar free easter ideas’ google search. I want to share with you all some of my favorite finds this year.
The Easter Sunday scavenger hunt is, at least in my family, a cornerstone of the Easter morning tradition. Historically my sister has been the one sitting up writing hunt clues for her Teen and Tween, while I have merrily thrown a handful of eggs under tables, and on sofa arms for my toddlers.
This year I need to lift my game, my eldest is almost 5 and perfectly capable of solving a few simple clues to get to her loot. Happily for me the kind folks over at The Spruce have pulled together not only tips on how to set up a great hunt, but some simple treasure hunt clues as well! https://www.thespruce.com/indoor-treasure-hunt-for-children-1695332
Another hunt idea I found over at www.handsonaswegrow.com is to replace some of the chocolates with puzzle pieces, so as your little one goes along in their hunt they are solving a puzzle at the same time – both my little ones adore puzzles, so this is definitely going to get a go in my house this year. For more alternative hunt ideas check out the 12 Not-So-Traditional Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas here https://handsonaswegrow.com/easter-scavenger-hunt-ideas-kids/
Fact: The internet is home to approximately 99 trillion DIY Easter craft ideas for kids and families. From that 99 trillion I have scrolled around 90 ideas and tried exactly 1. But people that is aaaaaaaaaall going to change this year.
This year I am all about Easter wreaths. If I’m being honest, I actually only learned there was such a thing as an Easter wreath this year, but I am all about it nonetheless! In particular I am in love with some of the ideas posted in an article by Good Housekeeping, with helpful links to instructions from a collection of online resources. You can read the article here:
If the Insta worthy wreaths from Good Housekeeping seem a little intimidating, or you have little kids like me, here is a super easy paper plate wreath tutorial from the Kids Craft Room https://kidscraftroom.com/easy-peasy-paper-plate-easter-wreath/
Finally, while my mid-March commitment to Easter crafts is strong, I have little doubt that this will eventually fade. With that in mind I have pre prepared some beautiful free ‘printables’ for when my craft energy is low. These are the sites I used:
One last point on craft – I don’t know about you all, but the DIY and craft supply cupboard in my home has grown 10fold since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic and shows no signs of slowing down! Instead of giving Easter gift baskets this year talk to your parent friends and family about a craft supply swap! Fill a box with all the weird and wonderful bits and pieces of leftover sticker sheets, glitter glues and random treasures you have floating around, and let them be rediscovered.
There is no getting around the fact that for many of us Easter will not be the party heavy, family and friend filled celebration that we are used to. For many of us this will be our second pandemic/lock down Easter, and it’s tough.
We will dust ourselves off and fill our Easter break with hunts and crafts and joy within our home/bubbles, but we can also look at some virtual ideas. Virtual Easter can not replace the physical presence of our nearest and dearest but can help us stay connected and maybe hold onto our sanity for a little while longer.
My personal favorites are the virtual Easter bingo game and the virtual scavenger hunt ideas I found over at Teambuilding.com, but they have a handful of other suggestions you and your family or friends might find interesting. https://teambuilding.com/blog/virtual-easter-ideas
Finally – No Sugar Free Easter blog would be complete without some recipe suggestions, so for good measure I am adding a link from one of my all time favorite websites www.superhealthykids.com. In this link there are some very cute little carrot bunnies and other ideas I think my kids will enjoy making, and I hope yours do too. https://www.superhealthykids.com/parenting/sugar-free-easter/
All the best and HAPPY EASTER!
Love Jodie xoxo